Back of credit card code

back of credit card code

The security code written on the back of the debit/ credit cards protects the consumer in CNP (card not present) transactions, i.e. transactions made online. It is called the Card Security Code (CSC) according to Wikipedia, but has also been What is that 3-digit code on the back of the card called?. Every credit card has a card security code printed on it. institution on the customer service number listed on the back of your credit card.



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The CSC is used as a security feature, in situations where a PIN cannot be used. Find out what you can apply for with good and bad credit. If the CCV number is given to the wrong parties the card may be used fraudulently. Hi Isaac, Thanks for your question. Card Offers Top Offers Best Credit Cards Credit Card Comparison Tools. George Suncorp Bank Virgin Money Westpac Woolworths Mastercard Visa View more. These logos are also helpful when you plan to use your card to pay for goods or services — merchants often display stickers or placards that tell you which cards they accept and you can of course ask which cards are accepted as well. back of credit card code

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