Magic mirror japan

magic mirror japan

Chinese Magic Mirror The Makyoh (Japanese for " magic mirror ") is an ancient art that can be traced back to the Chinese Han Dynasty ( BC. But the Japanese also have their magic mirrors which, although slightly different in their manufacturing, produce the same spectrums of light. The technology needed to cast metal mirrors was introduced to Japan from China A Japanese magic mirror does not reflect the relief design cast on the back.


Chinese Magic Mirrors magic mirror japan I allow my mirrors to be seen outside of a sacred context, atp list woman only in exhibitions or in private settings. Firstly Fujio shows me how he makes the mold for the molten bronze to be poured. But this book was lost a couple of centuries later. Upon his return from China, he brought with him several mirrors, one of which was magical. The thin areas are also more flexible than the thick parts, so the polishing process, which should smoothen the metal until uniformity don bets achieved, exaggerates the slight differences in thickness. So, with just this one sample and through trial and error [recalling aspects of how his father had made them, despite not having been taught the details], my grandfather rediscovered the magic mirror japan of makkyo-making.

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